June 03, 2015

1 DIY GoPro Hero 4 Tether or Leash: Cheap but Secure

Looking for a cheap but secure way to leash your precious GoPro Hero 4 or any GoPro action camera? Why not try doing it by yourself? Here's a do-it-yourself tutorial on how to make it.

April 27, 2015

0 Pacquiao Vs Mayweather : Free Online Streaming or Pay-Per-View

Few days from now we will all be witnessing the most awaited, the most talked about, the most exciting boxing match the whole world has been itching to watch (especially us Filipinos). Whether you are a boxing fanatics or not, as long as you are a Filipino, I'm sure you know Manny Pacquiao. And this coming fight against Mayweather will be the greatest milestone our "Pambansang Kamao" will add to his phenomenal boxing career. A historical fight that will happen on May 3, 2015 8AM (Philippine time).

In my point of view, this event will be sealed in history books, and I want to be part of that. I want to be part in a way that I want to watch the boxing match live. But since I can't afford going to MGM Grand, Las Vegas and buy those expensive tickets, the next best way to be part of it is to watch via pay-per-view at the comfort of my house.
Honestly, this will be my first time to subscribe via pay-per-view. The last time I paid to watch for a Pacquiao match was against Oscar Dela Hoya via SM Cinema (and I never regret watching it live especially with a match outcome like that... it's pricelss!). I watched his other fights through free TV with overwhelming commercial breaks and it's a pain to watch especially when people around you keep on spoiling the result. I also tried watching Pacquiao matches via the internet with those sites providing free live streaming. Some are legit but most of them are pure scams who just want to gain traffic on their websites. Overall experience with those free live streaming sites are not so good.

So for this Pacquiao-Mayweather fight, never mind the pay-per-view fee. I will watch this match live and I will be part of this history. This time it's my time to spoil the result to those who doesn't know the outcome yet (just kidding!). How about you? What's your plan on that historical day?

April 08, 2015

0 Log Bulk Carrier Discharging Coal at a Japanese Port

A log bulk carrier discharging coal at a port in Japan. I took this video way back year 2013. I just thought I should upload common experiences or scenes we seafarers witness during our line of duty. Just to give a hint or idea to those who plan to become a seafarer or anybody who is curious about the job.

March 02, 2015

0 SIRB / Seaman's Book Renewal at SM Manila

Few weeks ago I decided to renew my Seafarer's Identification and Record Book (SIRB) via online appointment but I was not able to do so because their system was down at that time. So instead of waiting for their system to resume their normal operation I decided to just go at SM City Manila where MARINA's SIRB processing center is located.

Actually, I went there around 3PM to do some shopping but for the sake of hitting two birds with one stone I also brought my documents required for renewing my SIRB. Please check here for complete requirements on renewing SIRB. You should bring the original documents and photocopy each.

Upon arrival at their office, I went to the reception area and asked the officer-in-charge for the requirements on renewing my SIRB. I was given an application form and I filled it up. Take note you should bring your old SIRB and photocopy the front page and all records of sea service.

I prepared all my documents and placed it inside a long brown envelope. If you forgot to bring one, don't worry it is being sold inside the office near the photocopying section. You also need to buy a documentary stamp which is also being sold there. After checking that my documents are all ready I went to the evaluation section. The officer-in-charge there will check if the requirements are all complete. If everything is good, you will be directed to the cashier section. I paid Php 800 for regular processing of my SIRB.

After paying the prescribed amount, I was instructed to proceed to the photo/encoding section. But before that I went to the section where uniforms are being rented out for Php 20. I think you can bring your own but I'd rather pay the rent because it's more convenient for me.

After they took my picture and reviewed my details to be encoded, I was given a claim stub with information about the date and time when I can obtain my renewed SIRB (it is actually three working days). The whole process from evaluation to encoding only took about thirty minutes and for me that was fast. I think the new system really works.

On the day of the scheduled release of my SIRB, I went to the releasing section and submitted the claim stub and waited for my name to be called. Then upon hearing my name the officer-in-charge gave me my SIRB and instructed me to review first all the details on it before she can finally seal it (the seal is the plastic cover thing in front of the details page of the SIRB). If something is wrong with the details on your SIRB they can rectify it right away. So make sure to check every single information first.
SIRB Cover
After sealing my SIRB, the officer-in-charge offered an SIRB cover worth Php 50. I think it's not necessary but I took it anyway because I felt good that day. Now that I think about it, approximately how many seafarers are renewing their SIRB daily? Perhaps, 200 or more? If all of them bought that cover, it is worth around Php 10,000 daily. Hmmm... That's a very profitable business! Anyway, it is not my business. Maybe they are allowed to do that or are they? But the point is you can just say no if you don't need it. Most likely your agency will remove that cover from your SIRB anyway.

So, there it is, my full experience in renewing my SIRB. The processing is fast. The place is very practical and convenient. The officers are good, most of them i think. I should say the overall experience is great.

March 01, 2015

0 OWWA's Seafarers' Upgrading Program (SUP)

The program intends to provide job-related training in upgrading the knowledge, skills and develop expertise among Filipino seafarers in accordance with technological advancements and global maritime standards. It is in the form of financial assistance with OWWA assuming the training cost as prescribed in the existing implementing guidelines (as of this posting at maximum of Php 7,500). The applicant may choose his/her preferred training course accredited by TESDA from the list of OWWA recognized training providers where he/she intends to enroll.

Filipino Seafarers


Seafarers with valid OWWA membership contribution at the time of application shall be entitled to avail of SUP under any of the following condition:
  • single contribution for first time availment
  • subsequent entitlements every after 3 recorded payment of OWWA membership contributions.
For subsequent availments, applications may be filed within 90 days from the date of last arrival to the Philippines on vacation or following the expiration of his employment contract.


Applicants must submit the following requirements:
  • Proof of OWWA membership (can be secured at OWWA-MPC Rm. 105)
  • Accomplished Application Form
  • Seafarers' Identification and Record Book (SIRB) and/or Passport (Valid Original Copy)
  • 2" x 2" photo (2 copies)

The maritime upgrading courses covered under the program are:

Deck Courses:
  • Cargo Handling and Care of Cargo
  • Deck Watch Keeping (DWK)
  • Electronic Chart Display Information System (ECDIS)
  • General Operator's Course for Global Maritime Distress Safety System (GOC for GMDSS)
  • Radar Navigation, Radar Plotting and use of ARPA (RNRPUA)
  • Radio Electronics Officers' Course (REOC)
  • Radar Simulator Course
  • Ship Simulator Bridge Team Work (SSBT)
  • Trim and Stability
Engine Courses:
  • Auxiliary System
  • Control Engineering
  • Engine Room Simulator (ERS)
  • Engine Watch Keeping (EWK)
  • Lathe Machine Course
  • Marine Diesel Engineering
  • Shipboard Welding and Lathe Machine
Specialized Courses:
  • Advanced Training in Fire Fighting (ATFF)
  • Crisis Management
  • Crowd Management
  • Hazardous Material (HAZMAT)
  • Marine Pollution Consolidated (MARPOL I-VI)
  • Medical Care (MECA)
  • Medical Emergency First Aid (MEFA)
  • Proficiency in Survival Craft and Rescue Boat (PSCRB)
  • Shore Based Fire Fighting
  • Specialized in Oil Tanker
  • Specialized in Chemical Tanker
  • Specialized in Liquified Gas Tanker
  • Catering Management - Chief Cook Course
  • Basic Food Service Management
  • Galley and Provision Management
  • Housekeeping Management (Steward Course)
  • Advanced Messman Course
  • International Cooking
  • Specialty Cuisine
  • Baking Basic
  1. A Notice of Award (NOA) shall only be issued for every approved SUP Application. Release of NOA should be subject to residency of applicant. For NCR residents, processing of applications is within 2 working days upon submission of complete documents. For non-NCR residents, after 7 working days upon submission of complete documents subject to verification with other 16 OWWA Regional Welfare Offices.
  2. Validity of NOA is within 45 days upon its approval date.
  3. Enrollment in the training center requires presentation of the NOA.
  4. Availee/Grantee is required to complete or comply with the requirements of the course.

November 26, 2014

One Goal at a Time: I'm Getting Married!

We all have our own dreams and goals in life. The main reason I pursued the job of being a seafarer was to provide financial stability to my immediate family, then to save up and build my own family. Those dreams and goals are turning to reality and I'm very grateful to God for those blessings.

Now that I think I already fulfilled my promise to my family especially to my mother, I could say it's time for me to tackle the next stage of my life. And that's getting married! Yes, I'm finally getting married and I'm very excited with what the future upholds. 

Let me share the part of my happiness with you guys with this video below. I hope you'll love it like I do. Cheers!

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