Are Seafarers The Ultimate Womanizers?

When some people learn that you are a seafarer why do they usually assume that you are a womanizer? I guess not all people think that way, but so far that’s what I’ve been hearing around mostly. The word “womanizer” is usually being linked to seafarers.

We also hear the expression, “basta seaman, seamanloloko” (a Tagalog expression which means “a seaman is a cheater”), being used by other people who might deliver it as a joke or just a plain insult. What is the basis of that kind of branding to the seafarers? Is that really true?

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Before I write anything else, I just want to remind the readers that this is just my personal opinion. You may or may not agree with me, but this is my stand to this sensitive issue.

Why are seafarers usually called womanizers? Is this true for every seafarer? If seafarers are called the ultimate womanizers, then what do you call those who are working on land? Those on land who are surrounded by women on their work and anywhere they go? Aren’t they the one supposed to be called ultimate womanizers? Seafarers spend most of their time at sea working, and if they are able to step on land, how long were they able to stay? Hours? Perhaps days? Compare it to those on land who have the freedom to do anything they like anytime they want and you will see the difference. Then decide which of the two is the ultimate womanizer.

Let us face the reality that some seafarers are womanizers, but let’s not brand it to the whole seafaring community. I still believe that there are many who are practicing faithfulness and loyalty to their partners. So it’s unfair to call all seafarers as womanizers. It’s also the same for land-based people, not all are womanizers. There’s always an exception to the rule.

The fact that both sea-based and land-based people have womanizers on their side simply shows that seafarers are not the ultimate womanizer nor the land dwellers. The bad branding to the seafarers’ name might also be the result of exaggerated tell tales of some seafarers. Stories of interesting adventures that caused other people to think that seafarers are really womanizers. But in fact, non-seafarers also tell same adventure stories but it didn’t cause any bad branding to them.

I strongly believe that seafarers are not the ultimate womanizers. They are just victims of bad branding by the society. Seafarers rarely speak about the nature of their job especially to their families to prevent them from worrying, but instead they only share happy experiences and events in their life. In which to some extent might also initiated the bad branding to the entire profession through exaggerated story telling by other irresponsible story tellers.

No matter what others will say about the seafarers, don’t let it affect your character. It’s your character that will guide you through your decisions. Those decisions will make you a proud seafarer or among the ultimate womanizers.

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Anvin Argañosa

An Electronics Engineer by profession. A land-based worker turned into an ocean dweller. An "aspiring" business tycoon and financial advocate. A loving father to my daughter Julian. And a very obedient husband to Ann (wink!).

2 thoughts on “Are Seafarers The Ultimate Womanizers?

  • October 2, 2013 at 3:18 am

    Bravo! Very well said. It might be just stereotyping and it doesn't accurately reflect to the behavior of all seafarers. As for me, being a wife of a seaman before can testify that some of your species are indeed cheaters. Though I always admire those who remain loyal and faithful to their partners in spite of the distance and the longing.

  • March 30, 2014 at 9:53 am

    Yeah right! Not all seafarers are cheaters and womanizers. My bf is a seaman and i asked him about this " Seaman= Every port,report. Every place,replace". He replied that "Every person is different and it depends on a seaman's character and values".



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