October 26, 2011

What are the Qualities of an Ideal Wife for a Seafarer?

What makes a woman an ideal wife for a seafarer? Does she only needs to be beautiful? Or she should be more than that? Here’s my personal list of an ideal wife for a seafarer.

  1. Beautiful. It is first on the list. Why? Because men are very appreciative of physical beauty. It is a fact that at first meeting a man will fall in love with a woman not by her attitude but by her physical beauty. But the story does not end there. Eventually a man will be looking at her inner beauty, her character.
  2. Faithful. A woman with this trait is truly for keeps because seafarers are mostly away from their family so they need a wife who will never cheat on them. To have a faithful wife is having a worry-free mind at work.
  3. Thrifty. If a wife is a big spender, the husband suffers. Working at sea with huge paycheck is useless if your wife wastes them all.
  4. Sweet. A man’s weakness indeed. You’ll never want to have a partner that is colder than a brick.
  5. Caring. We need a wife that takes good care of our children when we are away. A woman who never fails to show her affection.
  6. Patient. Troubles and obstacles will come to the relationship. A patient wife will never give up despite any trials. She has an open mind and a strong heart that keeps her standing.
  7. Loving. When you are in despair, a loving wife will never leave you. Her love will make you stronger and better.
  8. Reliable. If a wife is reliable, you will be confident that your family is on right track. It is like having a great manager running your business.
  9. God-fearing. A woman who loves God is a woman with good foundation. Her morals will stand the test of time.
  10. Honest. A wife that never hides any secret is worthy of a man’s trust. It is also the key to a lifetime relationship.
So, how about you? What's your ideal wife? Share it in the comment section below. Cheers!