Motivation For A Newbie Seafarer

Every aspect of life needs a certain motivation to drive you with what you are doing. For newbie seafarers including me, what should we do then? In this post I will share my way of motivating myself to pursue a sea-based career. This is just my personal point of view and I assume that others may or may not agree with what I’m saying.

There is one ultimate reason why I decided to change my career, and that is because of money. I may sound like a greedy person but I’m just being honest and practical. With money, I can provide the needs of my family and I will be able to help other people efficiently. But for some newbie seafarers like me there is a big problem. Our starting years will not be so bountiful. Don’t expect to earn huge amount of money every month. That’s because we are newbies. Newbies are there to learn and know the trade of being a good seafarer.

Stop complaining at the back of your boss about how small your salary is compared to the work you are doing. I admit that there’s a point in this early stage of my career that I’m not contented with my salary, but instead of worrying about that, I remain optimistic about my future. I know that my time will come to earn that huge paycheck and I’ll be posting it here if that time comes.

So my advice for the newbie seafarers like me who earn less compared to others, is to be very patient. Just remember that success is sweeter when earned the hard way. Don’t let it make you hate your job, but instead continue on performing your job very well and prove to them that you are worth that huge paycheck.

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Anvin Argañosa

An Electronics Engineer by profession. A land-based worker turned into an ocean dweller. An "aspiring" business tycoon and financial advocate. A loving father to my daughter Julian. And a very obedient husband to Ann (wink!).

3 thoughts on “Motivation For A Newbie Seafarer

  • August 19, 2015 at 3:29 am

    Thanks for this! It's the real scenario I guess. I think in case you want to earn learn large amount, experience is the key. I'm a seaman student at PNTC Colleges and soon I will be on the sea. Give me luck!



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