How To Apply For Non-Immigrant US Visa

Below are the steps to apply for Non-immigrant US Visa in the Philippines. These information were gathered from the website of US embassy in Manila, Philippines.

Step 1: Pay the Application Fee
Here’s the link to Non-immigrant US Visa Fee Table for the amount for each type of Visa.

Step 2: Prepare the Required Documents
Before setting an appointment to the US embassy, make sure to prepare the Non-immigrant US Visa Required Documents to avoid delay or problems. 
Step 3 : Schedule an Interview
Book an appointment by calling (02) 982-5555 and (02) 902-8930 for calls within the Philippines and other countries aside from mainland United States or (214) 571-1600 for calls from mainland United States. The call center is open from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m., Monday through Friday, Manila time, except on U.S. and Philippine holidays. Appointments can also be booked online through

Step 4: Go for the Interview
All applicants must appear at the Embassy for interview, except government officials traveling on official business and applying for A1, A2, G1, G2, or G4 visas.  Applicants are requested to arrive at the Embassy gate 15 minutes before the time listed on the appointment letter.
Applicants must bring all the basic application requirements including the interview appointment letter, DS-160 confirmation page, valid passport, one 2” x 2” photo, and all prior passports and U.S. visas, if available. It is helpful to bring a government-recognized photo ID (in addition to the passport) to present upon entry.

Embassy personnel are available to provide assistance at each stage.  Applicants who require interpreters must inform the interviewing officer on the day of their interview.  There is no need to bring a relative or a friend to act as an interpreter as the Embassy can provide language assistance when an applicant requests for it.

Important note: American citizens and US Legal Permanent Residents are not allowed to accompany nonimmigrant visa applicants to the interviewing area.

Step 5: If Issued a visa
A consular officer will inform the applicant at the conclusion of the interview whether he/she qualifies for a U.S. visa.  If a visa is approved, the passport with U.S. visa will be delivered by the courier service at the address provided when the made the appointment.  If the applicant is not present at the time of the delivery of the passport, the applicant must leave an authorization letter to a representative and a government-recognized photo ID for both representative and applicant.  Both the applicant and the representative must sign the authorization letter.


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