November 04, 2011

OWWA: Insurance Benefit–Death Claim

Insurance Benefit - Death Claim
A member is covered with life insurance for the duration of his employment contract. The coverage includes Php 100,000.00 for death due to natural cause and Php 200,000.00 for death due to accident.

 Frontline Service:


  1. Death Certificate - Local or Foreign
  2. Burial Permit and Offical Receipt of Funeral Expenses
  3. Two valid IDs & 1 pc. ID picture of claimant Certificate of No Marriage (CENOMAR) of OFW from NSO ( if OFW is single)
  4. Appplicable Doc. Certified by Local Civil Registrar (LCR) or NSO
    • Marriage Certificate – Spouse
    • Birth Certificate of OFW – Parent
    • Birth Certificate of Child and Death Certificate of Spouse - Child
  5. Police/accident Report (if death is due to accident)
    *in the absence of Birth / Marriage Certificate
    • Certificate from LCR that fact of birth/marriage is not recorded in Civil registry
    • Baptismal/Marriage Certificate certified by the Parish Priest/Office
    • Affidavit of two (2) Disinterested Persons re: fact of birth/marriage and claimant’s relationship to the deceased, with photocopy of their two (2) valid IDs.
Schedule of Availability of Service: Monday to Friday, 8 am to 5 pm

Address and Contact Information: Insurance & Health Care Benefits Division 7th Street cor. FB Harrison St. Pasay City (or OWWA Regional Welfare Office)

Fees (actual amounts or computation): None

Total Processisng Time: 7 days

How to avail of the service:
No Client Step Office/person responsible Location of Office
1 Get OFW Membership
Verification Sheet (MVS)
Membership Verification Counter Room 105
2 Present OFW MVS to Insurance and Health Care Benefits Unit (IHCBU) and get application form, requirements
Receiving Staff Room 105
3 Submit Accomplished application form and requirements Receiving Staff
Room 105
4 Wait notice of check release Administrative Staff Room 105
5 Claim check Check Releasing Room 104

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