Qualified Dependents: Philhealth Employed Membership

The following also enjoy PhilHealth coverage without additional premiums for each qualified dependent:

  • Legal spouse (non-member or membership is inactive)
  • Child/ren – legitimate, legitimated, acknowledged and illegitimate (as appearing in birth certificate) adopted or step below 21 years of age, unmarried and unemployed. Also covered are child/ren 21 years old or above but suffering from congenital disability, either physical or mental, or any disability acquired that renders them totally dependent on the member for support.
  • Parents (non-members or membership is inactive) who are 60 years old, including stepparents (biological parents already deceased) and adoptive parents (with adoption papers).

All your qualified dependents are entitled to a separate coverage of up to 45 days per calendar year. However, their 45 days allowance will be shared among them.

Important: Your dependents need to be declared and/or updated with PhilHealth to include them in your Member Data Record or MDR, your official membership profile with PhilHealth. Your updated MDR will make your benefit availments easier and convenient.

source: www.philhealth.gov.ph

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