Ways To Pay For US Visa MRV Fee

There are ways to pay the MRV fee or machine-readable visa application fee in the Philippines. The most common one is to pay in cash at any Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI). But you could also pay in other ways, please see the list below.

Other ways to pay the MRV fee:

  1. Pay through online bill payment option provided by BPI for their customers.
  2. Online payment through Bancnet.

The following individuals and visa classifications are exempt from paying the machine-readable visa application fee:

  • Diplomatic (A1, A2)
  • Official (G1, G2, G3, G4)
  • Personal Employees of A and G visa holders (A3, G5)
  • NATO and NATO-7
  • Transit to and from the United Nations Headquarters District (C2)
  • Transit of Foreign Government Officials and Immediate Family (C3)
  • Applicants for J visas participating in official U.S. government-sponsored educational and cultural exchanges
  • Replacement machine-readable visa when the original visa was not properly affixed or needs to be reissued through no fault of the applicant.

A fee applies to only one visa classification/application. If an applicant wishes to apply for more than one visa simultaneously, corresponding payment per visa class must be made.
Visa application fees are non-refundable and non-transferable. No exceptions will be made to this rule.  It is valid for one year after the date of actual payment; the interview must fall within the one-year validity.

source: www.manila.usembassy.gov

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