LASIK Surgery: Safe Or Not?

I started wearing eyeglasses since my high school days. The defect on my eyes was the product of too much computer game time and it might be also hereditary. I was diagnosed with myopia or nearsightedness and the grade of my glasses continued to increase year after year. I tried using contact lenses but I am not comfortable with it. My glasses really hinders my work on-board the ship so I decided to undergo standard LASIK (Laser Assisted In Situ Keratomileusis) surgery at The LASIK Surgery Clinic at Asian Hospital and Medical Center last August 2012.

The procedure was fast. It only took around 5 minutes to finish the entire operation on both of my eyes. You can check the video below for a preview on how the procedure is done.

After the operation my vision was still blurry but my eyesight improved by around 70% than before the procedure. On the first few hours of the operation I was advised to take a good sleep to hasten the recovery. My vision improved on a daily basis. I was advised to avoid getting water into my eyes for two weeks and to wear goggles for a week even during sleeping time. I was also prohibited from activities like swimming, diving, and any activities that will have a possible direct contact with the eyes. The main goal is to avoid germs from infecting the eyes. Medication also plays a big part to the healing process. I was given anti-infective and anti-inflammatory agent and anti-dryness eye drops.

After a week I can say my eyesight is 99% clear but I was experiencing minor halo vision. But that halo vision was gone after a month when the wound from creating the corneal flap on my eyes was fully healed.

The post medical check-up revealed that I already have 20/20 vision. According to Dr. Feliciano, my eye surgeon, the recovery of my eyes is fast and the dryness the LASIK surgery may have caused is very minimal. I am very satisfied with the result and currently my vision is 100% clear and free from halo.

The entire standard LASIK Surgery package costs PhP 55,000 and it includes the medication and post medical check-ups. There are also other types of eye surgery packages available at The LASIK Surgery Clinic and the procedure you will take depends on the result of your eye screening process.

If you are in doubt or hesitant to have LASIK surgery then think no more because it is safe and the result is very liberating. I can now do activities that I can’t do before or things I can do but I was restrained by my glasses. It will be your best investment ever. Nothing beats a gift of sight!

Disclaimer: This is not an advertisement for The LASIK Surgery Clinic. This is just a testimonial for their great service.

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2 thoughts on “LASIK Surgery: Safe Or Not?

  • October 18, 2012 at 12:15 pm

    Thanks so much for sharing this information! I have been looking into going to Bay Area LASIK to get my surgery. But I had really no idea what/how the procedure went. This gives me a little insight on what to expect. Thanks so much!!

  • December 28, 2012 at 2:59 am

    Everyone gets cataracts as they get older. Better have your eyes checked often. A friendly reminder from Vision Experts by Asian Visions Group.



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