Bohol Tour Part 3: Alona Beach

On the second day of our Bohol tour we spent most of the time at Alona Beach after we visited our friends. Alona Beach is a very beautiful white sand beach which stretches for about 1.5 kilometers. The sand is very fine and clean which is a very attractive asset of a beach. You can stroll the entire beach for about 15-20 minutes while appreciating the beauty of the ocean.

alona beach 2

Alona Beach is also remarkable for its crystal clear and clean waters. Swimming is advisable during high tide because the beach is crowded with motor boats during low tide.

alona beach low tide
alona beach high tide

Food is not a problem at Alona Beach. There are lots of restaurants that serve Italian, Swiss, Thai, or Filipino dishes with prices that varies from budget meal to expensive ones. For a taste of Thai food
you can try “gaeng kheo wan gai” or green curry with chicken at Hayahay for PhP 250. If you want Filipino dishes you can visit Trudis Place. They offer fresh seafood and you can choose how to cook it. If you want all types of barbecue or “inihaw” then you might want to visit Jasz.

gaeng kheo wan gai

Nightlife at Alona Beach is suitable for people who want to relax and have a romantic experience at the beach. Most places during night are quiet and all you can see are restaurants with candle-lit tables. That’s why people love Alona Beach for that kind of ambiance.

alona beach at night

Alona Beach is one of the best beaches you should visit in the Philippines. Whether you want to dive, to swim, to relax, to eat, to get a massage, or to stroll… Alona Beach can provide that all.

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