Compilation Of Epic Fail Ship Launches

Ship launching requires careful calculation. You’ll never know if it will be a success or an epic fail. Most seafarers would say being the first batch of crew on the ship’s maiden voyage is the most difficult stage. The main reason would be that parameters of all machinery are not yet determined so it requires careful and constant monitoring.

It is also the period to find faulty equipment that can be returned to the shipbuilder or replaced under warranty. But after the crew overcomes all those trials, I’m pretty sure that their life at their new ship is a breeze compared to those old rusty ones.

Someday I would love to experience being a member of first batch of crew on a newly built ship. It will be a great learning experience for me and it will surely be fun watching those ceremonies held by the ship’s owner and companies.

Watch this video compilation of ship fail launches. I hope we won’t experience something like these.

source: First Yacht
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