What Items Are Prohibited Inside Balikbayan Box?

What things an OFW should not put inside their balikbayan box so that the Bureau of Customs will not open it or charge them with taxes? That’s the big question that until now is unclear to almost everyone. An OFW should learn the items prohibited inside balikbayan box to avoid problems with it.

A balikbayan box is part of the Filipino culture especially to those with family and relatives working abroad. It is the most awaited gift a child with an OFW parent receives. I should know because it made me excited during my childhood years. So it is important to receive everything inside in pristine condition.

According to the Bureau of Customs, under the law, these are the items prohibited inside balikbayan box.

1.) The worth of items inside the balikbayan box should not exceed PhP 10,000.What Items Are Prohibited Inside A Balikbayan Box - 1

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2.) Items should not exceed one dozen pieces for each product type.What Items Are Prohibited Inside A Balikbayan Box - 2screen grab from: abs-cbn

3.) All luxury items will be taxed.What Items Are Prohibited Inside A Balikbayan Box -3

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The Bureau of Customs admitted that this law is already old, therefore they will not be very strict on implementing it especially to the OFWs. Customs Deputy Commissioner, Arturo Lachica said, “when it comes to balikbayan boxes, we would be as liberal as we could be.”

In a dialogue between OWWA and NGOs, BOC clarified that they will not increase prices on balikbayan boxes. There will also be a planned public consultation to amend the law regarding the balikbayan box.

Watch this video from ABS-CBN for more details.

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