Top 15 Free 3D Floor Plan Designs For 2-BR Houses And Apartments

We shared on our previous post, “Top 6 House Designs Under 1 Million Pesos” and “Top 5 Expensive-Looking But Budget-Friendly Modern House Designs“, ideas about different house designs that we could build on a budget. But those were just the external part of house designs. In this post we will give you the top 15 free 3D floor plan designs for a 2-bedroom house or apartment.

It is true that we often judge a house through its external features, but I think the most important part of a house is its interior. A house with good interior floor plan and design makes your daily living as organized as it can be.

What are the top 15 free 3D floor plan designs for 2-bedroom houses and apartments?

# 1
source: Rishabh Kushwaha


# 2
source: Jermey Gamelin


# 3
source: Gurukrupa Group


# 4
source: HM Designs


# 5
source: Springs Apartments


# 6
source: Incore Residential


# 7
source: Rayvat


# 8
source: Hazil Al-Hakeem


# 9
source: Domaine At Villebois


# 10
source: Lorenzo Dixon


# 11
source: House Planology


# 12
source: Paragon Apartments


# 13
sources: Bridges At Kendall Place


# 14
source: Tech N Gen


# 15
source: Crescent Ninth Street

The floor plans above offer well thought space efficiency and will surely provide comfort and great functionality. You will probably spend most of the time inside your house than looking at it outside.

Do you love these designs? Or do you have designs of your own? You can share those in the comment section if you want.

Source: Architecture N Design

Disclaimer: The designs and pictures above are not owned by this site. They were collected from their respective sources. We only share information that might help and we consider useful to the readers. For more detailed info regarding the designs on this post, visit the sources stated below each picture.

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