Application for Reissuance of Yellow Fever Vaccination Certificate

Initially, the validity of yellow fever vaccination is only for 10 years. Recent developments from WHO (World Health Organization) amended that the validity of yellow fever vaccination be extended to the life of the person vaccinated. Read the full details of WHO update here.

As a response, the Bureau of Quarantine issued a memorandum last June 27, 2016 confirming the life-long protection of yellow fever vaccine. Thus, starting July 11, 2016 all yellow fever vaccination ICV (International Certificate of Vaccination) issued will have a lifetime validity.

In addition, all seafarers or travelers who already have their yellow fever vaccine ICV whether expired or not can proceed to Bureau of Quarantine and apply for a reissuance. Hence, a few days ago I went to Bureau of Quarantine to update my yellow fever vaccination ICV as advised by my company.

What are the steps in application for reissuance of yellow fever vaccination?

Step 1.) Proceed to Bureau of Quarantine located in 25th St. Port Area, Ermita Brgy. 653 Zone 68, Manila.

Step 2.) Near the entrance of Bureau of Quarantine building, obtain and fill-up a form entitled “Duplicate or Reissuance of ICV”.

Yellow Fever Vaccination Application for Reissuance - Form

Step 3.) Inside the building of Bureau of Quarantine inform the officer on duty that you will apply for reissuance of ICV. Present your old yellow fever certificate together with the filled up form for initial assessment.

Step 4.) Pay to the cashier Php 300 for reissuance of new yellow fever ICV or certificate.

Step 5.) Proceed to encoding section. An officer in charge will let you view the monitor while typing the details to be inputted on the certificate. Double check the name, birth date, and gender if inputted correctly. The certificate will then be printed right away if everything is correct.

Step 6.) Last step, sign the yellow fever vaccination certificate and bring it to the supervising clinician for his/her signature.

Yellow Fever Vaccination Application for Reissuance - ICV

That’s all. It took me only around 5 minutes to finish the entire process. By the way, if it is your first time to get a yellow fever vaccination certificate the process is almost the same above. You will just need to fill-up a different form, pay Php 1,500 for the vaccine, get injected, and you’ll have your certificate too.

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