COP Not Subject To Revalidation According To MARINA

Are you aware that some Certificate of Proficiency (COP) issued by MARINA do not require revalidation? You can find the official list of COP not subject to revalidation in MARINA’s STCW Advisory No. 2016-15,

According to STCW Advisory No. 2016-15, for the purpose of regularity and directions, all COP issued by MARINA in the list below are not subject to revalidation.

What are the list of COP not subject to revalidation?

1.) Certificate of Proficiency – for Ratings duly certified to be a part of a navigational or engine-room watch (Regulation II/4, III/4, VII/2)

2.) Certificate of Proficiency – for Ratings duly certified as able seafarer deck, able seafarer engine, or electro-technical rating (Regulation II/5, III/5, III/7, VII/2)

3.) Certificate of Proficiency – for ratings on oil, chemical, or liquefied gas tanker (Regulation V/1-1, V/1-2)

4.) Documentary Evidence – Training for masters, officers, ratings, and other personnel serving on passenger ships (Regulation V/2)

5.) Certificate of Proficiency – Medical First Aid and Medical Care (Regulation VI/4)

6.) Certificate of Proficiency – Ship Security Officer (Regulation VI/5)

7.) Certificate of Proficiency – Security Awareness Training or Security Training for Seafarers with Designated Security Duties (Regulation VI/6)

The circular also added that for ancillary courses like Basic Training (BT), Proficiency in Survival Craft and Rescue Boat (PSCRB), Proficiency in Fast Rescue Rescue Boat (PFRB), and Advance Fire Fighting (AFF) are still subject for revalidation in compliance with competency requirements of STCW Convention. Please see these STCW Advisory No. 2016-15 and STCW Advisory No. 2016-16 for reference.

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