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PinoyMariner, the blog, is a collection of ideas, news, and topics about the Filipino mariners or seafarers. It also include topics the author loves... and sometimes hates. The author, Anvin Argañosa, is an Electronics Engineer from Central Philippine University who previously practiced his profession at a semiconductor company but later decided to pursue a career at sea as an Electro-Technical Officer.

His blogging started October 2011 when he was just a Trainee Electrician of a certain shipping agency in the Philippines. His previous months of on-board ship training inspired him to put up this blog to share his experiences as he progress with his new chosen career. This could in turn guide those who would like to follow the same path he had taken. It might also in some other way help those who are already mariners like him.

His goal to become an Electro-Technical Officer was fulfilled on November 2011, but the journey does not end there. There will be more challenges to face, experiences to gain, exams to take, and dreams to pursue.  Life is indeed boring when you stop dreaming. That's why his next goal is to become a Marine Engineer. But in the mean time, he will be performing as a  Blogger/Electro-Technical Officer/Seafarer. And he will be sharing it with you readers. Mabuhay ang Pilipinas!

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